Oust Moc-7 Speed Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: None
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: None
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The Oust Moc-7 Speed bearings are specifically designed for going as fast as you possibly can. Also Oust add an amazing feature to the Moc-7 Speed bearings. Interior step ring to maintain constant lubrication. Super finish for extra smooth precision.

Oust's Description

The Oust MOC 7 Speed bearing was designed specifically for speed and maneuverability under extreme skateboard conditions. After hundreds of hours of research on vertical, technical, street and slalom, the problems and the needed solutions were realized.

A skateboard bearing had to be designed that would accept torsional loads caused by carving, pumping and four wheel slides and maintain its speed. The Oust MOC 7 Speed design is far beyond all of the other bearing designs in existence today including ceramic and mini bearing.


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on 2017-07-02
I've ridden a lot of bearings and these ones hold up great with long slides. Paired with precision spacers from my PNL Strummers, these things just go. Axial and torsional loads do exist.
on 2016-05-16
These things are extremely fast. They stay really clean, come pre-lubed, and are very good.
on 2016-05-01
Bearings work fantastic for the most part, hold their speed really really well, stay pretty clean. But they are pretty expensive, probably more expensive than what they're worth. And the only other problem is that the seals bend pretty easily if you're not careful, and I don't think they sell replacements.