MuirSkate Team Series Beasto Bearings with Built-In Spacers

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-In!
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: ABEC 7
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$14.95 USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

At last the newest version of Beasto Bearings with built-in spacers has been unleashed. Each Beasto Bearing has a newly redesigned outer steel race with an inward beveled lip locking in the red and white rubber shields. Talk about a speed! Muirskate and Beasto Bearings Team Rider "The El Beasto" has tested them at unimaginable speeds. The bearings are rated at Abec 7 making them supreme bearings for cruising and carving, fast freeriding, and DH!


Great bearings
on 2022-07-03 Verified Purchase
Bought these bearings for one of my Arbor Pintails. Super rolly 😎 and will make your head spin.
They roll
on 2022-03-19 Verified Purchase
Had some rusted out bearings and these are great replacements.
Smooth but not infinity
on 2022-03-19 Verified Purchase
These are not infinite spinning bearing but the are incredibly smooth and have built in spacers at a low cost why wouldn’t you buy these
This might be a double-review - highly recommended!
on 2022-02-23 Verified Purchase
I believe I've reviewed these before - but if not, here's the deal. Good luck finding a similar quality set of bearings with built-in spacers and rings at this price point. These give Zealous steel bearings a run for their money for about 65% of the cost.
Excellent Bearings
on 2022-02-16 Verified Purchase
Very nice roll speed right out of the box. Always happy to have a pair of these.
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on 2022-02-08 Verified Purchase
Me duraron mucho tiempo, son rápidos y buenos. puedo compararlos con otras marcas.
on 2021-09-27 Verified Purchase
Wow!! You must have a pair of these. Especially for the price🔥🔥🔥🔥
Best bang for the buck
on 2021-09-22 Verified Purchase
I typically order Zealous, but the quality of these are much better. Smoother, faster and doesn’t require spaces or washers and still spins freely even when tightened properly.
These are better than zealous steel bearings
on 2021-04-19 Verified Purchase
These have proven more durable and faster than zealous bearings and didn’t take a lot of pumping to break in. They were so much better than zealous steel bearings that I thought I might have just gotten a bad set of zealous bearings that statistically exist in any manufacturing process given everyone’s rave reviews of zealous, but frankly, breaking in another zealous set when I can buy these without the lengthy break in period at the same price makes it likely I will choose these over zealous steel bearings any day of the week from here on in.
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Best bearings for price
on 2021-03-04 Verified Purchase
These bearings come free if you make a complete skateboard and its totally wirth it to save the money and get them. They roll so smoothly and its nice that they have the built in spacers. Save your money, buy these, and dont wreck your bank account on "ceramic" or "swiss" bearings that dont even make that much of a difference
on 2021-02-06 Verified Purchase
Rolls nicely.
Great Value
on 2021-01-22 Verified Purchase
Built-in spacers are great, and they roll as smoothly as any others. Very happy!
on 2020-12-27 Verified Purchase
No reason to think of as inferior. Great rollers.
on 2020-08-24 Verified Purchase
Just as nice as the reds bearings I had, but a bit better because of the abilities to tighten my wheel nuts down Tight. A little break in period with these but after like an hour of skating they are as smooth as butter, and they feel to be getting faster as well.
good stuff
on 2020-07-14 Verified Purchase
bearings are bearings, these have built in spacers which allow you to crank the axle nut down hard besides, they come free with a complete longboard
Best Bearings
on 2020-07-03 Verified Purchase
Awesome ride. Smooth
on 2020-06-27 Verified Purchase
Good quality!
on 2020-06-05 Verified Purchase
Awesome bearings for my longboard. Super smooth
on 2020-05-04 Verified Purchase
Pretty dang good
on 2020-04-29 Verified Purchase
I've only used bone reds and these bearings come pretty close. I haven't tried my current reds in my new setup, but I don't feel the need to just for a slight performance if it even improves it.
Always good
on 2020-04-22 Verified Purchase
If you’re tryna save a buck these are prime
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Good stock set
on 2019-06-15 Verified Purchase
I got this as part of a more expensive setup, so I didn't go with the usually Zealous bearings, but these worked great and have built-in spacers as well.
Beasto bearings
on 2019-02-27 Verified Purchase
Well gotta say I am very happy with the product and fast reasonable shipping from le MUIR!
on 2018-09-24 Verified Purchase
Ride smooth and fast built in spacers should have been done a long time ago.
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on 2018-03-12
Cast build !
Best quality for the price
on 2018-01-07
These feel super solid and the quality of the built-ins are great. I was able to tighten them down all the way and had zero rattle and no restrictions on the speed. They feel really fast up to speed and also have great acceleration out of slides. The lube that’s in there isn’t as “thick” as others which is something i really like. The shields keep all the dirt out and extends the life of the bearings. They also come free in most setups!
on 2017-12-30
Took them down some fast runs today, I like them!
Beast berings
on 2017-12-28
good and fast bearings and its all about the built in spacers i highly recommend ..
Beasto bearings
on 2017-12-25
I received some beasto bearings with some markers I got and I’ve got to say they just wanna keep rolling ! I’ve never skating built-ins and for a first time I have to say I’m in love <3
Worth your money
on 2017-12-16
The built in design makes these bearings perfect for changing wheels with gloves on. They role fast and took all of the abuse I threw at them. Muir team rules for sending these my way with my order!
on 2017-04-24 Verified Purchase
So recently i started longboarding, and my cousin set me up a nice cruiser board. These bearings are the literal bomb. According to a speed app on my phone i hit around 27 on a nice hill. I have noticed that they bleed grease after high speed runs, but that's not a big deal to me. My friend ordered some speed cream for me and i cant wait to try it in these bearings. In short they are super fast and super easy to deal with.
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on 2017-04-04 Verified Purchase
Built in and fast. Just get them
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muirskate beasto bearing review
on 2017-01-09 Verified Purchase
I like these bearing "almost" as much as i like traditional bone reds. I love the built in spacer and speed ring aspect of the bearings make disassembly and reassembly a breeze, swapping wheels is effortless. There also cheap and free with a full set up, so you can't go wrong with them
on 2016-08-22 Verified Purchase
They were free.
Good enough for my cruiser deck
on 2016-03-18 Verified Purchase
These bearings are great if you are looking to take your board around town and just cruise. If you are wanting a board that can really get up to speed I recommend looking at other options.
Probably best for beginners
on 2016-03-14 Verified Purchase
These bearing are cheap and they work. I would recommend them for beginners only, though. I almost immediately replaced them with a spare set of Reds I had laying around. Just like Muir's wheels these are great for new skaters who aren't sure if they want to spring for the more expensive gear.
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Excellent budget bearings
on 2016-03-01 Verified Purchase
Definitely a fast smooth rolling bearing, couldn't be more pleased.
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Love these bearings
on 2016-01-05 Verified Purchase
I really like all of the "built-in" bearings and decided to give the MuirSkate brand a go. Im deployed to Afghanistan and longboarding as my only vehicle on Kandahar Airbase. It's DUSTY and the roads are hella rough. These bearings are rolling great in a very harsh environment. Thanks Muir for shipping to APO and for making awesome <expletive deleted>! Stoked!
Good bearings
on 2015-12-27 Verified Purchase
Free, and works great, what more can I say?
on 2015-10-12 Verified Purchase
I love them and everything about them
on 2015-09-20 Verified Purchase
They're decent bearings with the built in spacer they run nicely
Beasto bearings are great
on 2015-09-12 Verified Purchase
I started buying Muirskate Beasto's for my board and fixing friends, they work great, easy to clean, great price and great ride! No issues at all!
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
Very convenient to use due to the fact that the spacer and speed rings are built in
Not bad at all
on 2015-06-18 Verified Purchase
Bought a set of these with my original setup and found that the grease used from the factory oozes out relatively quickly, which ultimately caused a lot of excess noise in the bearing while rolling. All 4 wheels rolled no problem, but the noise was driving me nuts. Popped the shields out and they were actually pretty clean (didn't have more than about 15 hours of riding on them). Hit them with some carb cleaner, dried them off, and packed them with some finish line grease. Now they are super quiet and super smooth. Considering the price, you'd be hard pressed to find another bearing of this caliber. Out of the tube, roll speed is sufficient and smooth. I wouldn't hesitate to smash some hills or freeride on them.
Favorite Bearings
on 2015-06-10 Verified Purchase
Not sure what's up with the other reviewers (only two others at this time). I've been using these for six months and they've become my go to. Fast and smooth. The built-in speed rings and spacers makes it super easy and quick to swap wheels on and off. Plus, the built-in spacers seem to work better than separate spacers and speed rings as I am ALWAYS able to tighten these all the way down. I have a set of zealous too but like these more. I also have some bones ceramics and bones reds. Those are fine, but once you use these you feel like anything without the built-ins is just missing the speed rings and spacers -- like they're just incomplete. Plus, these things are relatively cheap so I can keep a bunch of sets of wheels ready to swap on and off real quick. I went out of my way to write this review because I disagreed with the other reviewers and really want muir to keep making these!
They don't roll fast
on 2015-04-07 Verified Purchase
I love to shop on Muirskate, as their attention and helpfulness. Scott is always fast on answers. I was supposed to buy ABEC11 Biltin bearings again, but they were out of stock that time when I just finished my new longboard's setup. So I took Muir site's suggestion and have put these bearings on. And I got disappointed since my first ride. The thing doesn't go fast. You have to push so hard, and it doesn't keep the speed for too long.
Seemed pretty awesome but then...
on 2015-03-24 Verified Purchase
I got these with my complete and thought they were pretty awesome. I love built in spacers, because they make life so much easier. Also the colors are pretty dope. After a week though, a few of the bearings seized up which was pretty disappointing. I wasn't even riding in wet or extremely harsh conditions. I cleaned the bearings and they're fine, but I'm worried they might have been slightly damaged.