Bones Super Reds Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: None
  • Construction: Steel
  • Rating: Skate Rated™
$29.95 USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

Add this product to your complete longboard setup using the Custom Complete feature to make sure your bearings roll smoothly and stay in line for the duration of their life.

Since you're buying these as an "upgrade" for your custom complete, you don't need to worry about sizing or anything of that nature. We'll handle it all for you!

Have a little extra cash in your pocket and want a little something special for your complete? Upgrade to the Bones Super Reds!

Bones's Description

Super REDS® are designed from the ground up to be the best bearing on the market at this price point. What Super REDS® are not is a REDS® bearing with just better super finishing (surface polishing). Super REDS® are a superior quality bearing, using higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish. The result is a bearing that is as fast as REDS® but quieter, smoother, and longer lasting. Super REDS® use a black shield and laser engraving to differentiate themselves from original REDS®.


Features Higher quality steel races, better quality and grade balls, and a superior surface finish.
Single, non-contact, removable rubber shield for easy cleaning and less friction.
High speed nylon ball retainer for greater strength and speed.
Pre-lubricated with Speed Cream™ racing lubricant
Skate Rated™ clearances, tolerances, materials and lubricant provide the best performance and durability possible.

Set of 8 bearings


Been using Bones since my first setup as a teenager.
on 2016-07-03
In my twenties now and I'll trust Bones Super Reds and Zealous bearings without question. Regularly cleaned and oiled, they work perfectly.
on 2016-06-12 Verified Purchase
the best on the market
Hiss straight out the box
on 2015-12-20
I've used these for about 5 months straight some guy at zumiez recommended them.. go figure. Ever since I took them out of the package they had a hissing sound. Put some speed oil on them, didn't help, cleaned them with my kit, still hissed. Get a pair of muir's beasto bearings they're built ins, free with any custom you make and spin literally 3 times faster and longer than these POS with speed rings and spacers. With bones all you do is pay for a brand name, don't get played like me
Normal 20160124 134902
Great bargain bearings
on 2015-09-04
For the price these are worth it. I put Khiro spacers for a locked in setup. Highly recommended.