Zealous Built-In Bearings

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  • Inner Diameter: 8mm
  • Spacers: Built-In!
  • Construction: Steel
  • Abec Rating: Not Rated
$13.95 USD
1 Quantity = 8 Bearings, enough for a complete longboard.

The new Zealous bearings will make your friends jealous when you're beating them down the hill! The machined precision 8mm axle holes fit snug on the axle reducing slop. The Zealous bearings have green rubber inner and outer seals to keep dirt, debris, and thane out of the bearings. When testing the bearings are pre-lubricated with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease is a long-lasting grease that will break in after a session or two. The grease that Zealous uses helps eliminate friction over time and reduces corrosion on the inside of the bearings. We recommend trying out a set of the Zealous Bearings before you head out to your favorite hills.

Zealous's Description

Precision 8mm axle holes
.4045″ built in spacers
.5mm built in speedrings
Green rubber seals to keep dirt and debris on the outside of the bearing.
Lubed with Archoil Nanoceramic Grease
-The unique feature of our lubricant is how the nanoceramic compound fills in deformations or asperities in the bearing. These deformations cause friction and heat around them which hardens the nano-ceramic compound to that specific area. This micro coating is 5 times the hardness of the host alloy and has a molecular bond with the host metal, filling in all the asperities and eliminating friction over time.
-The coefficient of friction is the lowest in the field of Tribology at 0.003% creating a near frictionless surface. Mainly because the nanoceramic compound eliminates all asperities.
-Extremely low water washout
-Corrosion on the inside of the bearing is nearly eliminated.
Sold in sets of 8 bearings.


Still the best, most affordable bearings.
on 2022-05-01 Verified Purchase
I've tried biltins, tektons, and beastos but these are the very best built in bearings. They last years - I've owned 10 sets and never been disappointed and have never found a better set of bearings.
I Wouldn't Order From Anyone Else.
on 2022-04-26 Verified Purchase
These are by FAR the best bearings over ever ordered, they're smooth, have a quick break in time, and last a really long time if well cared for. I look forward to buying in bulk :).
on 2022-01-06 Verified Purchase
Perfect bearings for when you wanna have a set for every wheel worry free. They have the best overall core fit for many wheel cores with no rattle or play. Pp Hawgs S9 BO Otang. Will fit nice and snug.
on 2021-12-25 Verified Purchase
What can I say that hasn’t been said. They are great. Smooth and quiet.
Built in spacers are a must
on 2021-12-23 Verified Purchase
I can say how much I love built in spacers these days, save yourself some hassle.
Good bearings
on 2021-10-18 Verified Purchase
Only bearings I buy, only bearings needed.
on 2021-09-24 Verified Purchase
Easy to use and oh so smooth
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on 2021-09-15 Verified Purchase
I'm pretty new to longboarding so I don't know a lot, but these things seem really nice for the price. Board rolls suuuuper well with these on
on 2021-09-09 Verified Purchase
Can't go wrong, my favorite bearings.
Perfect longboard bearings
on 2021-09-07 Verified Purchase
Great quality bearings that spin smoother than any stock bearings. The price is incredible for the high quality as well.
on 2021-08-29 Verified Purchase
These bearing flat out rip and are no joke. Jump on and shred, only gets better with time.
on 2021-08-18 Verified Purchase
Good bearings. What else can I say
on 2021-08-13 Verified Purchase
Recommend by reddit.
on 2021-07-31 Verified Purchase
They were right
They do roll
on 2021-05-13 Verified Purchase
I Don't use any other bearing
Always great
on 2021-04-15 Verified Purchase
Not much that needs to be said of zealous if you skate Downhill and freeride imagine you’ve already heard of them and most likely use them. It’s all I use and that’s coming from a bones Swiss snob back in the 90s lol
on 2021-03-20 Verified Purchase
Amazing and did its purpose
Give some time
on 2021-03-16 Verified Purchase
These bearings definitely do have a longer break in period, but then they roll better than almost any other bearing on the market! And of course, nothing is more convenient than built in spacers and speed rings to change wheels with ease!
on 2021-01-29 Verified Purchase
on 2021-01-29 Verified Purchase
decent stuff
on 2020-12-28 Verified Purchase
Smooth and a quiet ride!
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The Best Bearings
on 2020-11-28 Verified Purchase
These are the smoothest, quietest, and most stable bearings I have ever used. Plus, they are so easy to change out, no spacer, no speed rings, EASY!!!
You Don't Need This Review
on 2020-11-12 Verified Purchase
If you're not convinced already, you're a tough nut to crack. I used to buy Bones Reds and Bones Racers exclusively. For $30 Bones Racers, you can buy two sets of Zealous. I put these in my O'Tang 4President wheels and rode out of my neighborhood LAUGHING at how fast and smooth these are. I now only use Zealous in my boards. They leak a tiny bit, just wipe the excess and if you ever HAVE to clean them, lube 'em again. They are still as good as day 1.
super simple and roll forever...
on 2020-11-04 Verified Purchase
I'm kinda gettin hooked on these things, just the low-priced ones. I like to switch my wheels out depending on my skate terrain for the day/hour, and with these bearings in most of my wheel sets, switching out is fast and simple. I'm not good enough (yet) to know the difference between the low-priced ones and the ceramic ones, but maybe someday I'll splurge...
on 2020-10-14 Verified Purchase
Super long-living bearing! 4 times longer and 2 times cheaper than Busting 6-ball. Shields look precise, which is keeping balls and it runs safely from dust and water. Also very low roll resistance right from the beginning
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Freeride Bearings, cheap and great
on 2020-10-03 Verified Purchase
Great bearings for the price i bought two for me and my girlfriend and we are dropping those hills faster and smooth, i would get some ceramics soon :) we should try them...
on 2020-09-08 Verified Purchase
These are one of the best built in bearings I've used, especially for the cost.
Good Second option
on 2020-08-24 Verified Purchase
I still like Bones just a tad bit better, but only by a little.
Great bearings for the cost
on 2020-08-14 Verified Purchase
Can't believe how cheap these are considering what you get. They roll so good and I haven't even broken them in yet. Love that they are double shielded, and having the built-in spacers is an extra nice bonus.
only bearings I buy anymore
on 2020-07-29 Verified Purchase
does everything I need at a good price.
on 2020-07-26 Verified Purchase
My go to bearings. Great performance without breaking the bank. Always fast, professional, and reliable serviced with great prices from Muirskate. I really appreciate the skate shop!
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Durable,Low maintenance, fast bearings
on 2020-07-20 Verified Purchase
Really good bearings for the price, no better option out there. Currently have these slipped on my freestyle setup and Is able to gather very good speed in my freeride setup. Though I wouldn't recommend these for dh, the break in period is long despite many runs and you will not roll fast :( but once you break them in, they far surpass any other bearing in the price range! (if you're patient)
Great Bearings
on 2020-06-10 Verified Purchase
Read extensively on bearings and decided to give these a try. They ride just as well as the Reds Bones. A single bearing out of the set did flash rust but once cleaned, it is good as new.
All you need
on 2020-06-09 Verified Purchase
Best bearings for the money. Expensive performance bearings are a waste of money.
on 2020-06-07 Verified Purchase
For the price and performance I don't see why anyone would use anything else.
on 2020-06-01 Verified Purchase
Super smooth
on 2020-05-10 Verified Purchase
Bearings need a bit of break in before having a much smoother spin with less resistance. Easy to use and my main bearing for applications where I don't want/need to do bearing maintenance. Low cost justifies replacing these when needed vs regular cleaning and lube since these bearings use specific self healing lube.
Birthday gift for NieceThank you Scott & Pablo for fixing my order quickly
on 2020-04-29 Verified Purchase
Sierra’s birthday present, now complete. #Muirskate Thank you Scott & Pablo for fixing my order quickly; I was able to get this done in time for her birthday#.. to all my skate people, please buy from them!! They will absolutely treat you right!!! Clear grip tape, new Zealous bearing, sweat, my time & lots of love went into her board.
High Quality
on 2020-03-28 Verified Purchase
High quality bearings that last a very long time and maintain performance.
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Best bearings for the money.
on 2020-03-07 Verified Purchase
I mostly ride zealous or bones, but zealous are dependable and affordable. Plus you can't go wrong with built in spacers. Wheel swap in a few minutes rather than several
on 2020-02-20 Verified Purchase
They spin good
on 2020-02-01 Verified Purchase
Came in fast and low priced. They work great! Love the built in spacers.
on 2020-01-29 Verified Purchase
I just bought a second pair for another board and my original set is 2 years old but still roll amazing. TAKE IN ACCOUNT: I abuse my bearings by taking them in the rain a LOT, and by simply taking out the water these still work completely perfect, 10/10 in every aspect possible.
Dont skate anything else
on 2020-01-13 Verified Purchase
Join the cult, see what others are raving about. You will be converted. Plus its cheap as dirt, what do you have to lose?
Great for the price
on 2020-01-06 Verified Purchase
Not the quietest or smoothest of bearings. I have them in two of my boards currently. No real complaints for the price though. They work just fine. I prefer the Zealous Ceramics though, but those are much more expensive.
Simply the best
on 2019-12-29 Verified Purchase
Zealous bearings are the best you could ask for. They're cheap, they are built-ins so you don't need speed rings or spacers, and they come with a thick lube that won't need any maintenance or cleaning for a LONG time. There's a small break in period, but one hot lap at speed should do the trick. I just ride em' till they die and replace when needed. Don't fall for overblown bearing claims and fancy over-complicated bearing tech, Zealous Steels are all you'll ever need to stay rollin'.
on 2019-12-15 Verified Purchase
Best bang for your buck hands down
typical buy
on 2019-11-07 Verified Purchase
super reliable bearings 10/10
Fast and durable
on 2019-09-15 Verified Purchase
They roll great. They keep water out well. They’re easy to use with the built-in spacers.
Best bearings for the money
on 2019-06-24 Verified Purchase
I used to be a hardcore bones reds advocate, until I tried these bad boys... if you don't like cleaning bearings, then these are for you. I still have my original set that I bought 4 years ago, I haven't cleaned or lubed them once and they still roll just fine
My new go to bearings
on 2019-06-22 Verified Purchase
Smooth, built-in spacers, 15 bucks. What more can you ask for?
Zealous Bearings
on 2019-05-05 Verified Purchase
This was a purchase of two sets for my son’s two long boards. He did the replacement and took them for a spin, and when asked how they were, commented, “silent and fast”. I take it that means okay!
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on 2019-02-21 Verified Purchase
Gains speed like no other bearing.
Amazing for the price!
on 2019-01-26 Verified Purchase
Great bearings! Still running strong 2 years later. Nothing crazy fast, but it cannot be beaten on the price point.
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My go to bearings from now on
on 2019-01-23 Verified Purchase
They perform pretty well, from the ergonomics to performance. The best part is that they're pretty affordable. I'm still riding a set from a few years ago, along with the recently purchased ones and they hardly feel any different.
Smooth as silk
on 2019-01-13 Verified Purchase
I push and find get sup5ised at how long the board keeps rolling with these... Will definitely be buying these again. For the price, you can't beat it.
on 2019-01-05 Verified Purchase
The built in spacers and speed rings make swapping wheels a breeze. Also much quieter than reds.
on 2019-01-02 Verified Purchase
I haven’t installed them yet but the packaging and the set is perfect and also came with stickers. I love it!
Cheap and Reliable
on 2018-11-15 Verified Purchase
Been buying these bearings for ages now and they've absolutely never let me down! Somehow, even when abused to the worst treatment and never cleaned, they still manage to carry on rolling for me! I mean, of course, there's a limit, I've had many sets just rust and seize because I really just forget to clean and dry them out after a rain skate, but then they're so cheap I just grab another set!
great bearings
on 2018-11-07
durable, fast, silent, cheap, built in. what else could you ask for?
The best
on 2018-10-13 Verified Purchase
Such smooth bearings, gives my wheels solid performance in slides.
on 2018-09-21 Verified Purchase
Best bearings in the business
The Best!
on 2018-08-31 Verified Purchase
The best....that's all you got to say. Amazing pricing to.
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Why would you buy something else?
on 2018-07-30 Verified Purchase
There is no downside to these. Affordable, plus they have built-in speed rings and washers. favorite longboard purchase in the last month. I'm exclusively buying Zealous from here on out. seriously, they're so cheap, I can just replace these whenever I want.
Magnificent product
on 2018-02-17
Great product! Great buying! I have them together with seismic speed vents, all I can say is hold on! They just roll and keep rolling, will eventually purchase the ceramics but until then be in awe of the stainless, don’t hesitate!
on 2017-12-18 Verified Purchase
They are the best bearings!!
Normal image
High quality
on 2017-12-12
These bearings are better than reds. They are fast and you don’t need to take much care of them. It seems the more you use them the better they get. 👍
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on 2017-05-11
Hate to say it, but they are quieter, faster, and require less cleaning to keep that way than Bones Reds. With spacers built in you can't go wrong.
on 2016-12-24 Verified Purchase
Once they get a couple of break in runs they seem to run fast. I have had a couple of sets get a bit noisy, but overall great bearings for the price.
They're Great
on 2016-12-24 Verified Purchase
Fantastic bearings, very durable. The inbuilt spacers seem a tiny fraction too long because my wheel seems to be able to shift side to side a bit on them. Even so they still feel great and were easy to install. i recommend them.
on 2016-12-23 Verified Purchase
They'll need about a 3-5 miles break-in to free wheel nicely but right out of the box they're ULTRA with great roll. I've spent a lot of money on ceramic bearings but for the money, these steel bearings are eye openers. I couldn't be happier with them for what I spent.
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Better than Bones
on 2016-12-06 Verified Purchase
I have ridden bones bearing all my life. And the bone redz ceramic go just as fast as these, but cost 7 times more. For quality and price, these are the best. And you have fewer parts for easier use. Built in speedrings and spacers are amazing.
on 2016-09-30 Verified Purchase
Zealous is the best bearing out there I wish they were around back in the late 80's when I started skating. It would be awesome if they made a 6 ball version.
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on 2016-09-15 Verified Purchase
i'm so glad i bought these bearings :) i've been using bones reds since i first started longboarding 5 years ago, and i don't regret it one bit! :D these bearings took a while longer than bones reds to break in but once they did, they were awesome! :D these are the best bearings for your money for sure. -lothiee
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Yeah They're Good
on 2016-09-09 Verified Purchase
My bones Reds got all whacky and these had 55 reviews, pretty much all positive, so I bought them. If you think this deal is too good to be true, it's not. Buy these bearings, you won't regret it--they're $14 for crying out loud.
on 2016-08-26 Verified Purchase
These have been replacing all my bones red. So much easier to just pop these in and make swapping wheels a breeze, not like it was a hassle before. But instead of dealing with separate speed rings and bearing spacers, it's all there.
on 2016-08-19 Verified Purchase
You get more than what you pay for.
Normal pug helmet
Best bearings out there
on 2016-08-06
My go-to bearing choice. They always ride smooth no matter how long you have them. Mine work good as new even after putting them to good use for about 6 months. Super fast and built-in spacers make setting up your board way fast. Would recommend for anyone.
Buy These Immediately...
on 2016-07-25 Verified Purchase
There is no reason to buy any other steel bearing, and no reason not to upgrade crappy stock bearings to these. Best steel bearings on the market. At this price you just can't go wrong.
Zealous on my Icarus
on 2016-07-18 Verified Purchase
My second set of Zealous. Less parts, less things that can go wrong. What's not to like? They're rolling as good as my Oust Moc 9's. Soon all bearings will have built-in spacers.
Normal kakashi
The real deal
on 2016-07-12 Verified Purchase
These bearings crazy fast took them on a hill I never felt so good .
Slower than Reds
on 2016-06-25 Verified Purchase
Disappointing. As for bearings with built in spacers, I prefer the RAD bearings, which are also slower than Reds.
You won't regret it.
on 2016-06-12 Verified Purchase
Gotta go fast! Easy to install and last forever.
on 2016-06-07 Verified Purchase
on 2016-06-05 Verified Purchase
Literally the only bearings you need to buy, and great price too.
Perfect Bearings
on 2016-06-05 Verified Purchase
These are my favorite bearings I've ever used. They'll feel a bit tight at first but after you ride for a couple hours they really let you roll better than any other set I've used. Definitely recommend!
Normal img 20190201 160534 772
on 2016-06-02
Simply the best I've used.
Normal ash
Get Zealous or be Jealous
on 2016-06-01 Verified Purchase
My friends and I have tried many other built-in bearings in the past but Zealous bearings are the only one that actually lasts. Rolls fast, smooth and quiet. Best bearings on the market, for the price, HANDS DOWN!!
Great bearings
on 2016-05-30 Verified Purchase
Fast bearings and easy to install.
on 2016-05-14
These bearings are great for the price. With these new bearings i have to put stuff under my wheels or else it rolls out my completely flat garage to the end of my completely flat driveway. I love these bearings i would reccommend these to everyone my friend got them and tells me they just wont stop spinning
Smooth Cruisin
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
Put these in some 63mm fatty hawgs for cruising and pool jams. Killer for the price . Good quality . Sealed well and have minimal play, sits well . Buy em !
on 2016-05-12 Verified Purchase
Not only was my package bearhugged, they drew a yeti on my package like I asked. Hella dope. Oh, the bearings are dope too. Can't wait to see how they hold. I've pushed them really hard already in the first week and they're still clean and silent.
on 2016-05-09
First off the beating your friends and making them jealous is completely true! These bearings are super fast and amazing for freeriding also. Highly recommend.
So far, so good:)
on 2016-05-04 Verified Purchase
I currently have 9 different set-ups with 3 of them getting heavier use. I have been pretty satisfied with the Rush Ceramics on my go-to set-ups but enjoy trying out different items as often as I can afford. I can't help but notice all of the great reviews these Zealous bearings get every time I'm scrolling through the bearing options and have not committed to trying them until now. I recently purchased a set and installed them in a new set of wheels on my #1 go-to set-up. I have only had a couple of sessions on them but I am pleased with them thus far. They seem to roll smooth and quiet. I am looking forward to seeing how they hold up over time. In my opinion thus far, this could be the ideal bearing choice for most riders given its initial ride/feel and obviously its low price point:)
Best all around bearings
on 2016-05-03 Verified Purchase
No matter if you are cruising, freeriding, downhilling, or just dancing around, these bearings will keep you going for a long time.
on 2016-04-24 Verified Purchase
I love these bearings! They are smooth and silent, the fact that they're built-ins make them perfect.
Favorite bearings
on 2016-04-21 Verified Purchase
No other bearings have lasted me as long as these ones have. I recently built a new board and absolutely had to have zealous bearings. They will go on every board I ever build here on out.
on 2016-04-20
IV rode my set for over 2 years now. Going on 3. Road in rain a few times. Been through hell and back 49 times and still running strong. Get Zealous. You won't regret
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Best Bang for your Buck!
on 2016-04-15 Verified Purchase
Zealous bearings can take a beating and keep going forever. I have ridden many sets of Zealous built-ins and they have been through water and some really gross road grime more times than I can count. Even nasty damp parking garages are no match for Zealous bearings. The shields and the lube are so good a light wipe with a cloth is all you need to keep them going for a very long time. When stacked against other bearings on much higher price levels, the Zealous have my vote every time.
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The best bearings!!
on 2016-04-14 Verified Purchase
Affordable and durable!
Dank as heck
on 2016-03-25
I've ridden reds and tons of other bearings and I can say that zealous are better than all the others, they only get better with time as they break in, 11/10 buy now my dudes.
Way better than what they're selling for!
on 2016-03-14 Verified Purchase
There are ceramic bearings that you can get for almost five time the cost of these, and they may roll better, but these are absolutely fantastic! I rode my longboard, and then my friend's, and his felt so slow! They come in a tube all greased up for you, and the built-in spacers are fantastic to have. I have these bearings with 180mm Atlas Ultralight Trucks, and Abec 11 Bigzigs wheels. These are a match made in Heaven, and I've never ridden on a board smoother than mine! All the things listed above ad up, but it's worth it to spend your money on amazing products you'll enjoy rather than cheap ones that will never do your board justice.
Favorite bearings yet
on 2016-03-10 Verified Purchase
I'd recommend these bearings to anyone, any skater, any day. Not having to deal with spacers or speed rings is huge for me. They took about 5 miles to break in, about half an hour of fast cruising. They feel faster and spin longer every day. The quality is high and the price is low. Doesn't get any better!
Normal img 20150906 124833
on 2016-03-05 Verified Purchase
They held up pretty good just don't use them when is wet out, Raven if a little wet out because they will just get shot like that.
Normal img 20150809 003944
Don't buy ceramics. Buy these..
on 2016-03-04
I've skated these bearings and only these for years. Not one problem. Make the decision and buy your last set of bearings here.
Cheap, yet effective.
on 2016-02-27 Verified Purchase
Currently using these trucks on two setups, and so far so good. As most reviews state, they may feel like they start kind of slow, but after a few hours of riding you start to feel comfortable. Build-in supports, universal color (sort of), smooth riding; make for an all around bearring useful to any setup. Buy an extra pair just to have em' incase a friend shows up. They'll love you! Heh
Best bearings in the market.
on 2016-02-18 Verified Purchase
These will be the only bearings I will ever buy. Durable and fast.
on 2016-01-15 Verified Purchase
Buy them, I mean seriously
Normal image
$30 bearing for only 12 bucks
on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
It is plain and simply the best bearing for the price. Ultra smooth and silent roll. I can't wait to try their ceramics.
Great bearings!
on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
A bit tight on first arrival, but sweet buttery roll once broken in.
Best on the market
on 2016-01-14 Verified Purchase
At first, you'll feel like they don't work so well because they don't spin a lot. That's just because all the lube inside needs to thin out more. The built in spacers and double shields make these things king of rain boarding! That doesn't mean you dont have to wash them every now and then though.
on 2016-01-10 Verified Purchase
Definitely require a little "break in" period but these things are crazy smooth
on 2015-12-26 Verified Purchase
These bearings got a great feel on the road, takes a little while to break them in, but they do great once you ridden them a while.
Great bearings for a great price
on 2015-12-22 Verified Purchase
I literally just bought 4 sets of these bearings because of how amazing they are. I feel they needed a little breaking in but after that, they are great! Gotta love the spacer and speed rings as well. Less hassle and more money saved.
Terrific Bearings
on 2015-11-30 Verified Purchase
Was a little skeptical based on this price point, including speed rings and spacers, but these bearings are fast. Really fast.
Normal img 5778
Gold Standard
on 2015-11-08 Verified Purchase
Only bearings you will ever need I have 8 sets and they are all years old in perfect condition. One and only bearing you need. If you don't have them get some. If you need bearing with no questions asked here it is. No more shopping needed.
on 2015-10-25 Verified Purchase
Always ride zealous, they're cheap and they work amazingly
That shit you need
on 2015-10-25 Verified Purchase
These are the best bearings you can buy, but you knew that already.
on 2015-10-12 Verified Purchase
Very quick and accurate.
on 2015-10-10 Verified Purchase
pretty good bearings
on 2015-10-01 Verified Purchase
solid bearings for the price
the best bearings
on 2015-09-15 Verified Purchase
I have these bearings on both my boards, and they are fantastic. They take quite a while to break in, but once they do they greatly out preform bone reds with spacers, and were a great price for what you get. the thicker fluid, keeps the bearings running well, even if they get wet, and they seem to last a very long time. Great purchase
Best bearings for the price
on 2015-08-29 Verified Purchase
This is my fourth set of zealous in the last two years, and the only reason I have so many is for my different setups! I change wheels a lot, and these just make that process simpler. plus, they're quiet, smooth, precise and will last forever, even if you get 'em a little wet.
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
Major difference felt almost immediately...the Abecs were cooked and these provided a major upgrade, better build and tolerances..fast delivery too..thanks boys
on 2015-08-27 Verified Purchase
once you ride them for a while they roll nice and smooth, no noise
Best bearings you can buy!!
on 2015-08-21
I've had these bearings close to a year maybe even two and I'm now buying my second pair and a pair for my buddy. I've never had a problem with them! They run smoothly! A little slow at the beginning but that's due to there special lubricant that they have. I would challenge friends to see how far they can get off a single push and I would go on forever and they would be way behind me. Totally worth your money!
Don't miss the Zealous train
on 2015-06-15 Verified Purchase
These are the first and only set of bearings I have used. Zealous Built-In bearings are the way to go as far as I'm concerned. Just pop them on and go. They do seem to need a short break-in, but they get faster everyday. Get some!
on 2015-04-21 Verified Purchase
Absolutely phenomenal bearings. On top of the great performance and price, the built-in speedrings and spacers save you from spending money on extra hardware that you don't need.
Best bearings on the market.
on 2015-03-29 Verified Purchase
Quieter than Reds, faster than Reds, smoother than Reds, and cheaper than Reds! Absolutely fantastic bearing, and significantly better than Reds, if you didn't quite get that. Also, they are very long lasting.
Best Bearing Out There
on 2015-01-08 Verified Purchase
Zealous are the bomb! They are my go to bearings and have been for a long time because they are fast, durable, and smooth.