Longboard Buying Guide: Cruising & Carving

If you want to ride your longboard to class, to the mall, or to the burger joint with some friends, a cruising board is what you need. There are many options, so read below to see what's right for you.

Choosing Your Cruising TrucksSection 2 of 4

Now that you’ve selected your longboard deck, it’s time to select your trucks. The truck selection on a longboard skateboard is especially important since it’s the trucks that will allow you to turn as well as keep your wheels properly anchored to your board. There are many considerations for the trucks for your cruising longboard. Luckily for someone who is just getting involved with longboarding, the choices can be made very simply. The best (and easiest) way to select trucks for your cruising longboard skateboard is to choose trucks that are closest to the width of the deck. Having a truck that is close to the width of the deck will allow for proper selection of wheel choices and a consistent ride wherever it is you’re headed.

Covered in this Section (in order of importance)
  1. 1 Truck Width - 150mm or 180mm truck widths are most common for cruising setups
  2. 2 Standard or Reverse Kingpin - Different truck designs that feel different

1 Choosing the Right Truck Width

The rules for selecting the proper width for the trucks for your cruising or carving longboard are simple. There are basically two widths to choose from: 150mm and 180mm. Again, the best (and easiest) way to select trucks for your cruising longboard skateboard is to choose trucks that are closest to the width of the deck.

Choosing the Right Trucks for Skinnier Decks

Cruising decks usually have widths less than 8.5”. These types of longboard decks need 150mm trucks.

Choosing the Right Trucks for Wider Decks

Carving decks usually have widths ranging roughly 8.5”- 10.5” and up. These longboard skateboards need 180mm trucks.

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Additional Info

All of the complete boards in the Complete Longboards section of MuirSkate.com have correctly sized trucks hand-picked by Muir Skate staff. It’s just something MuirSkate does to make your life easier. :)

2 Choosing a Standard or Reverse-Kingpin Truck

The “textbook” style of longboard trucks (especially for cruising) are “reverse-kingpin”, which are designed for higher range of maneuverability that is desired in longboarding. The use of “standard” style trucks for longboarding is more rare. But, this doesn’t mean standard style trucks won’t get enough turn, either! With a little bit of adjustment and some nice bushing upgrades, your trucks will allow you to turn smoothly and effortlessly whether they’re standard or reverse kingpin. In general, choose a reverse-kingpin truck and you’ll be just fine.

Reverse-Kingpin Trucks

Reverse kingpin trucks are those that you would most often see on longboard skateboards on the boardwalk or on the downhill race track. The reverse kingpin is designed to allow for more carving and “turn-ability”.

Standard-Kingpin Trucks

The “standard-kingpin” style trucks are those you’d most often see on street skateboards or in a half pipe at a skatepark. We generally recommend the standard style trucks for cruising board with kicktails since it allows for nice sharp response from the use of the tail.