Longboard Buying Guide: Pivot Cups

Upgrade your pivot cups to maximize the performance of your longboard trucks.

Pivot Cups

Pivot cups are a urethane cushion (usually a "cup" shape) between the "pivot point" of your truck’s hanger and the baseplate itself. In order to ensure a solid connection between your hanger and baseplate (i.e. to eliminate "slop") as well as get maximum performance out of your longboard trucks, we suggest swapping the stock pivot cups out for something made with a high quality urethane in a durometer appropriate for your weight.

Selecting new pivot cups is easy!

Fortunately for all of us, the process for selecting new pivot cups is quite forgiving. As a rule-of-thumb, we suggest that you select a pivot cup of the same durometer rating as the recommended bushings for your weight. If you’re unable to find the exact number, just get as close as you can!

The relative difference between pivot cups of different hardness is as follows: "softer" pivot cups allow for more lean and rebound (making them ideal for cruising and carving) and "harder" pivot cups are a better choice for high speeds and aggressive turns (making them ideal for downhill speed runs and park skating). Regardless of the durometer you select, replacing the stock pivots will give a breath of fresh air into your old (or perhaps even new) trucks!

Some trucks require the use of "pivot tubes". These tubes are much like pivot cups except that they’ve got a cylindrical sleeve shape, rather than that of a cup. Be sure to read the description of the pivot cups/tubes and your trucks before purchase!

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