Longboard Buying Guide: Bushings for Cruising & Carving

You’ve chosen cruising/carving as the main style of riding you’ll be doing!

Cruising & Carving Bushings

A standard bushing combo (barrel/cone) is the most common choice for this type of riding. Cruising and carving are on the casual end of the longboarding discipline spectrum, so our setup suggestions will assume you’re keepin’ it casual on mild hills or flat surfaces.

Note: If you would rather use a traditional kingpin truck (like an Independent) on your "cruiser setup" check out the Park Skating section!

Cruising / Carving
Weight Guide
50 - 100 lbs 65a 78a 81a
75 - 125 lbs 80a 83a 85a
100 - 145 lbs 85a 87a 88a
125 - 175 lbs 87a 89a 91a
145 - 195 lbs 88a 93a 94a
175 - 220+ lbs 91a 93a 97a+

Bushing Sacks

If you think you'd like a couple extra bushing options for further fine-tuning, check out our bushing "sacks"!

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