"Honorable Shredder" Event Package - Guidelines

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Date: Jan 01, 2017
Category: Event Sponsorship Opportunity


Are you looking to get your event "sponsored"? Well for a limited time only MuirSkate, with the help of Landyachtz, is looking to stoke out your local community with an Honorable Shredder Dinghy Trophy. If you're interested in applying, we ask that you put together an event package for us so we can; 1. see what's going on in your local community, 2. help advertise your event for you, and 3. make sure everything is up to par so your event is safe, runs smoothly, is fun for riders of all skill sets. GUIDELINES: 1. A Facebook event page with a minimum of 25 attending riders.  2. Legible event flyers that share when and where. 3. Please make sure water and trash are on location. 4. Helmets are a must! Enforce Skate safe protocol (Cover your head before you shred!) 5. Email [email protected] with your entire package to be qualified for a chance to support your local community! Please submit your event for consideration. Unfortunately due to limited supply not all events will be chosen so make sure to dot all your i's and cross all your t's for the best chance possible!