Another F'N Barrett Junction - 2019

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Date: Jan 18, 2020
Category: Downhill
Location: Barrett Smith Road (South San Diego). Jamul, CA.


Amenities: Bring a Tent. No Bathrooms. RV Friendly. Hot Foods and Beverages: Barrett Junction Cafe (1 Mile Away) Gas and Supplies: Tecate Border Crossing (6 Miles) Friday, January 17 DAY 1 CAMPING Barrett Junction is free to camp all weekend long. Most riders arrive on Friday evening and get situated. Bring a tent and warm clothes. There are no fires permitted. Days are short, and the nights are long at Barrett Junction. Warm clothes are a must in the cold evenings of January. Shorts and t-shirts are ideal during daylight hours in Southern California. Saturday, January 18th DAY 2 FREERIDE AND RACING BEGIN. CAMPING RESUMES IN THE EVENING (Party Time!!) Freeriding and practice begins at 10am and ends at 5pm. (Scooters, Soap Box Cars, Butt Boards, Luge, Stand-up, ESK8, and Penny Boards). Anyone who wishes to freeride Barrett Junction may do so all day as long as the road officials have closed the road. Corner Marshals with Radios will be present throughout the day. Helmets and Gloves are required while taking runs. A downhill leather suit is highly suggested at during any event at Barrett Junction. Race #1 1PM SLING SHOT DOWNHILL COST: FREE RACE EXPLAINED: This is a team event where a Luge and Stand-up Downhill Racer will team up. The idea is to meet-up against a competing team and win the round by not being the last down to the finish-line. The fourth place competitor loses the race for his team. The winning team moves on to the next round. This is a single elimination race. Don’t worry, there is more to come. RULES EXPLAINED: This is a full contact race with only your teammate. Any board and body modification is allowable in this race. The idea is not to be the last rider down.. It’s that simple. Race # 2 2PM CHINESE LUGE AND STAND-UP DOWNHILL COST: $20 STAND-UP AND $30 LUGE (Price includes one full set of MUIRSKATE PHAT BOYZ) RACE EXPLAINED: All racers must race 75mm MUIRSKATE PHAT BOYZ, no exceptions. LUGE AND STAND-UP WILL RACE SEPARATELY. This event will have two groups of racers per class. Racers will be divided into groups A & B. Which group you race in will be determined by the a card chosen from a deck. Your group will then race to the finish-line. Don’t worry if you finish in the bottom half of your selected group, you will move on to the OOP’s bracket for another chance to race. The WINNERS BRACKET will then race for the highest positions in a follow-up heat as will the OPP’s Bracket. The top 3 fastest racers in each bracket will race for CASH, Trophies, and PRIZES). This should be a heavy final!! Good Luck! RULES EXPLAINED: There are no rules. Modifications are good to go! Race # 3 3:30PM DOWNHILL MODIFIED AND UNMODIFIED (ANYTHING GOES RACE) RACE EXPLAINED: There has been much mixed information circulating in downhill longboard racing as to how Modified Downhill Skateboards (6-8 Wheels, Plus Weights) are faster than OG Downhill Skateboards (strictly 4 wheels, no weights). This race is for posterity and bragging rights. RULES EXPLAINED: Anything goes in this race. Heats of 4 will include two modified and two non-modified race setups. Heats will also be determined by drawing cards. GOOD LUCK! CAMPING RESUMES AT 5PM 7-9PM FREE MOVIES AT THE MUIRCEDES 9 TO MIDNIGHT (DJ), AGAIN AT THE MUIRCEDES SUNDAY, JANUARY 19 DAY 3 FREERIDE, RACING, AND WINNER RECOGNITION OPEN FREERIDE 11-3PM (ALL GRAVITY AND ESK8 SETUPS WELCOME) Race Practice 11-12pm Racing Starts at Noon with Classic Luge