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Scott's Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I return a product that I have not used?

As long as the product has not been used, damaged, or modified you are welcome to send it back as a return or exchange. If it meets these conditions, please send it back to us with the shipping method of your choice along with a note inside the package telling us what to do with the return/exchange. Please also include your order number, email, and phone number on the note so that we have an easy way to contact you.
Please mail the package back to our company address:

MuirSkate - Returns
7919 Silverton Ave #407
San Diego, CA 92126

If you are unsure if your product meets the appropriate criteria for an acceptable return, feel free to send us an email.

Can I place an order with Paypal through email?

If you are having difficulties placing an order through our website, we can help you with a manual payment through email using PayPal. Just send an email to [email protected] with the following information:
-Your PayPal Email ID
-The exact (and finalized) list of items for your order. (A screenshot would be great!)
-Your shipping address.
We will send you a PayPal Payment Request through email for the total amount of your order including shipping if international. Once we receive the payment and verify that the items in your order are in stock and available to be shipped, we will then create a tracking number and ship your package. This process often is completed on the same (or the next) business day. For international orders, we will have to determine the shipping costs before sending over the request for payment. Please allow a little time for this process to finish, as it is not our normal ordering procedure.

Can I get some free stickers?

Sure! We love to send out free stickers! Please send a SASE to:
MuirSkate - Free Stickers
7919 Silverton Ave. Ste 407
San Diego, CA 92126
Please allow 4-6 weeks for your package to return to you in the mail. For more details on the free sticker program see:

Why is my order’s tracking number not working?

Your package’s tracking number begins to update once it is picked up from the Muirskate Warehouse. Occasionally, there are instances when a carrier will miss a scan on a package. That package will not track until the tracking number is manually entered or scanned at another shipping facility owned by the carrier. Packages are picked up from the MuirSkate warehouse Monday through Friday (with the exception of major holidays) after 3pm. (Please note: major holidays can delay shipments 1-2 days. If you’re in a hurry to receive your package, please select an expedited shipping method!)

Why do I see a duplicate pending charge on my statement? What happens next?

These “duplicate” charges drop off in 24-48 business hours. Duplicate charges can occur by double-clicking the order submission button and can also come about due to an internet Time-out connection error. As long as you have received a Order Confirmation Email following your order, your original order has been submitted successfully. If your second or third pending order has not dropped off from your bank statement in 72 hours, we would suggest that you contact your bank for more details.

Will my longboard come ready to ride?

When placing an order for a Complete Longboard, be sure to use our Longboard Builder. If you order your new deck with trucks and wheels separately, it will be shipped with hardware and bearings. You will be responsible for the assembly. Some of us like to get personal with our gear and we understand that. If you just want a professional to do it, try out our Longboard Builder. It's fun and easy to use!!

Does Muirskate Sponsor?

We’ve got a rad team of riders who represent the industry very well! We’re not always looking to expand our team, but it's always helpful to get to know you! We ask that you send us your most recent video along with a brief introduction. (Think of it like a skater’s resume!) Please send your email to [email protected]

I am having a longboarding event. Will Muirskate sponsor it?

We love to sponsor events, but we cannot sponsor all of them. Please send us as much information as you can regarding your event. (The better organized you are, the more likely it is we will be interested in supporting your event!) Please email us a link to your event page on Facebook, your event flyer, and a list of activities that you plan to do at your event. Please note: We only sponsor races that are sanctioned and that have taken the proper safety measures, such as adding hay bales to the event course. The race road must be closed off to traffic.

I have not received an email confirming my new User Account? What do I do now?

Once you have created a new User Account account, you must confirm your email address. Please check your email shortly after to confirm your account. If you do not see the confirmation email, be sure to look in your Spam or Junk Mail inbox. Didn't receive confirmation instructions?

This is my first time buying a new longboard. Can you help me find the perfect longboard?

Not everyone that visits our website knows about our Longboard Guides. We have designed several guides specific to the components that make up a longboard. Have a look there first. If you still have questions, we can help. Please help us by answering the following questions:
1. Do you learn new sports quickly or slowly?
2. How much do you weigh?
3. How tall are you?
4. What is your intended purpose of your new longboard?
5. Do you plan to ride hills once you have gained experience on a longboard?

What quantity (Trucks, Wheels, Bushings) should I choose to complete my longboard?

Often times customers get confused as to what quantity trucks, wheels, and bushings to order. Here are the general rules:
A longboard consists of two trucks and 4 wheels. We sell trucks individually. We sell wheels in sets of 4. We sell 2 bushings per pack.
Quantity 2 = 2 trucks. A Longboard requires 2 trucks
Quantity 1 = 4 wheels. A longboard requires 4 wheels
Quantity 2 = 4 Bushings. 1 Truck needs 2 bushings. Order 2 Packages to complete a Longboard.