ABEC 11 Longboard Trucks

Our aim is to provide the best longboard trucks for all the popular disciplines in the longboarding scene. You’ll find a nice array of truck for various disciplines including: cruising and commuting, carving, slalom, freeriding, and downhill on steeper hills. We provide the most functional and most popular longboard trucks so that you don’t have to second guess your decision. Paris, Randal, Bear, Gullwing, and Independent manufacture trucks that are built to last. This means you can rely on them to cruise at 5mph, or charge a gnarly hill at speed upwards of 45 mph. The type of longboard skateboard trucks you should choose depends on the type of longboarding you are planning to get into. If you want your longboard for carving, cruising, or downhill freeriding, your best bet is to select a set of trucks with 50° baseplates and soft barrel bushings that fit your weight. If you want to ride your longboard at higher speeds, you will need to be more stable and controlled. This means you should choose a more restrictive truck — such as one with 42° baseplates — and harder double barrel bushings to help reduce speed wobbles. All trucks have unique designs that will change the style of your ride, so read the descriptions of the specific trucks you are interested in to find out what makes each truck work well. To really make your longboard trucks perform above and beyond, read up on bushings in our Longboard Bushings section (bushings will change the way youride)!

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Abec 11 Longboard Wheels

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