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We care about the details. As much as you need good wheels and other components, it’s also important to have reliable hardware for your longboard. There are even some very small adjustments you can make to adjust the feel of your board. For example, installing flat washers around your bushings (instead of cupped barrel washers) can really open up the carving ability in your longboard skateboard. There are many small choices that go into a longboard skateboard. Adding or adjusting various items like the grip tape, risers, bearing spacers, pivot cups, washers, speed rings, bolts, kingpins, and bearing lubricant is a common practice in the longboarding world. Most of the items mentioned are related to the longboard trucks and how they interact with the deck and the wheels. Risers and/or shock pads protect your longboard deck from stress cracks and lift your wheels from the deck to help eliminate wheel bite when making hard turns. Longboard bearings have many small pieces and take a lot of force while riding. Using bearing spacers and speed rings can help protect your bearings (and, ultimately, you) from high impact situations. All the grip tape we carry is made to cover all different types of decks so you get a nice, secure connection to your longboard. We take everything into consideration when assembling our custom Complete Longboards because we believe that’s the only way to get your perfect longboard under your feet. Rest assured that when you buy a longboard from, all the details are covered.

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