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Randal Longboard Trucks

Randal 180mm Truck Hanger

  • Actual (Axle) Width: 9.75"
15.95 Randal 180mm Truck Hanger


Randal 180mm Downhill Longboard skateboard Hangers are 100% engineered right here in the United States. There are very few truck companies that have the privilege to say that. Randal 180mm Longboard skateboard hangers are made with Virgin Grade Aluminum which makes each Randal longboard truck is built strong and built to last. If your hangars are bent and affecting your skating performance, then replace them! If your hangars are severely bent, it is affecting your grip and roll speed. Don't let a small part ruin your stoke. Always have an extra hangar handy in your tool kit.

Randal's Description

The Randal 180mm cast in' axle makes a much stronger hanger than pressing the axle in. This process requires another heat treatment and a Grade 8 axle, but provides for a longer lasting truck than a traditional 'press in' axle. This process is also a little more costly, but we're firm believers that you shouldn't cut corners on skateboard trucks.

* New truck for carving tight turns on minis, retros, slalom, and surf skates.
* Maintain stability at higher speeds, through turns and while pushing.
* 50º Base plates are more stable while compensating for a shorter wheel base.
* Randal R•II geometry allows for adjusting caster angle by flipping the hanger.
* From the company that pioneered the downhill truck market.
*180mm Grade 8 Axles
Base plates and hangers interchangeable with the Randal System.
* Virgin grade aluminum. Grade 8 'cast in' axles.
* New raw finish.
* Grade 8 king pin.
* Red 92a Conical Bushing
* Lifetime Guarantee.
* Made in the USA.

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