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Rayne Longboards

Rayne Avenger Downhill Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length: 38"
  • Width: 10"
  • Griptape: Black Grip Applied by Muir
169.95 Rayne Avenger Downhill Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip



Note: All deck purchases include grip tape.

The Rayne Avenger longboard skateboard is a top mount board that will go down in history as one of the greatest boards of our time. Rayne's signature Pleasure Dome concave system gives you a bit of arch support and provides a nice pocket for your back foot when you're busting those nice pre-drifts and backside standup slides. With a variable wheelbase from 28.25"-30" you're sure to find the spot that works for you. Top mounting, pleasure dome, short wheelbases; what does all this mean? It means you'll be crossing the finish line before your buddies every heat.
Although intended for speedy downhill and free riding, this board can be set up to be a carving machine... But let's face it, it's made for speed and we wanna see it go fast! If you're a speed demon like us, get yourself some 181mm Bear Grizzly 852 longboard trucks and some 70mm Orangatang 4President longboard wheels and hit the hills! Or, if you prefer the graceful art of going sideways (with some slides of course) down a mountain road, grab some 70mm Orangatang Stimulus longboard wheels and you're on the right track.

Rayne's Description

The 2009 Avenger has a new look and design desirable to any style of riding. Be ready to test your limits!!

The 2009 Avenger is now the newest board to have Pleasure Dome concave added to the already aggressive shape. The board is now smaller and lighter but has the same rigidity as previous models. The tighter platform makes quick maneuvering a dream matched with the dome rider transition from stand-up speed checks to railing corners is mind blowing. Gone are the days of foot braking wear out your wheels not your shoes! What is the PLEASURE DOME? The PLEASURE DOME makes it easy for riders to master toe side corners, pre-drifts and slick stand-up slides by adding a second concave in the middle of the board! When engaged in sticky situations, this pleasure dome grips your toes where there is normally no concave. When in heel-side turns the pleasure dome ensures no foot slip.

Most companies offering W concaves include minimal board changes they simply don't have the technology to press aggressive curves. Rayne has developed 3D pressing techniques that allow bamboo and fibreglass to mingle in harmony and give your feet the ergonomic support they deserve. The aggressive W inspired concave is big where you need it and minimal where you don't. Where don't you need it? When pushing!

The graphic was designed by Spanish artist Jee and is inspired by his pet Wooly Mammoth and like Rayne it has a distain for anything that stands in its way.

Length- 38"
Width- 10"
Wheel Base- 28.25, 29, 29.25, 30"
Features: Bamboo core, biaxial pre-tensioned fibreglass skins.

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