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Earthwing Longboards

Earthwing Road Killer Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip

  • Length: 40.5"
  • Width: 10"
97.95 Earthwing Road Killer Longboard Skateboard Deck w/ Grip



Earthwing has proven once again that it's possible to have an affordable longboard deck without sacrificing quality, comfort, or badassitude.

The Road Killer by Earthwing is a 9-ply drop platform deck featuring an efficient w-concave toward the front of the deck (or rear if you choose to ride it backward). We were fortunate enough to commandeer one of these beauties at the 2011 Broadway Bomb.

It's drop platform design gives it a lower center of gravity allowing riders to enjoy a high level of stability while riding around town, even in the crazy streets of NYC!

This deck is similar to Earthwing's 9ply drop platform Supermodel since it's also a great choice for heavier riders or those with bigger feet.

We recommend setting it up with some 50 degree Caliber Blue Dream trucks, 70mm Earthwing floater wheels and Beasto Bearings

Wheelbase: 32.25"
Drop: ~1"

Earthwing's Description

The Earthwing Road Killer was a joint collaboration with team rider and engineer, Adam Auger from Vancouver, BC. The multi-radius dropped platform concave features a "w" bubble that runs from instep to instep creating a locked in stance and provides rigidity in all directions. This deck isn't for everything, or everyone, but is the best for what it was designed to do. If you love going sideways and leaving long thane lines while feeling glued to your will love this.

Words from DH/Freeride and Technical Slide King " Adam Auger":
The Road Killer was inspired by the need for a free ride specific deck. With a mild amount of W concave ergonomically designed to snug your feet into its deep pockets when in

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