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Let’s face it - finding a good complete longboard online is like finding your perfect soul mate on a dating website. Most of the time what you get doesn’t match what you saw in the pictures. In the same way, many online longboard skateboard shops carry cheap longboards with cheap components that end up riding very poorly and wheel-biting with every turn. Cheap longboards are known to cause injury because their makers are more passionate about cutting costs than making a good quality product. Instead of selling out, we do our best to make it easy for you to get a longboard that will result in the best longboarding experience. Our Build-A-Complete Longboard feature allows you to assemble a custom longboard that fits the style of riding you are interested in. Whether it’s carving on your way to class, charging downhill, or throwing big slides down the street, the brands you see in decks, trucks, wheels, bearings, bushings, safety, or hardware are certain to suit your needs. We carry brands that are road-tested by our team and made for performance and longevity. Brands such as Loaded, Gravity, Sector 9, Rayne, Never Summer, Earthwing, Landyachtz, Comet, Honey, Paris, Randal, Bear, Orangatang, Abec 11, Seismic, Venom, Bones, and Khiro (just to name a few) are what you’ll find on our shelves and in our personal collections. Every step of the longboard building process is made to be easy for beginners and advanced riders with the most compatible components pre-selected for you to choose from. You will always receive a fully-assembled longboard ready to ride and pre-checked for wheel-bite.

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