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The bushings located in the heart of your longboard trucks are what make longboarding so much better. Simply by spending a few bucks and swapping out those small, colorful chunks of urethane can drastically change the way your board carves and responds. Bushings come in many different durometers (hardness and softness factor) and shapes. The various shapes allow the rider to customize each longboard skateboard to fit their body weight and preferred riding style. Bushing shapes can take many forms, but the most common are barrel, tall cone, short cone, and eliminator. Invest in four soft barrel bushings for your longboard to summon an ultimate carving beast that you never knew existed within your board. If you’re into riding at high speeds, a barrel and eliminator combo for each truck will create a more stable and controlled ride. If you’re more of a cruiser type, a standard combo (tall cone and barrel) is right up your alley! Different durometers will create different carving styles so many riders find it fun and helpful to get bushing kits or “sacks” for experimentation. Choosing the right durometer for your bushings isn’t hard! Just follow the weight charts on each bushing page to find what durometer is a good fit for your body weight. Khiro and Venom longboard bushings are an excellent choice for Paris, Randal, Bear, and Gullwing longboard trucks. Grab a set of Bones Hardcore Bushings for standard trucks like the Independent trucks. Read up on the reviews and MuirSkate.com descriptions on the bushing pages so you can make the most informed decision.

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