The staff at Muir Skate - December 2013

Muir Skate goes above and beyond your average skate shops. All over the Internet, we are known for the innovation and care we bring to the longboard skateboard shopping experience. That means providing helpful shopping interfaces, skateboarding advice when you need it, and much more stuff that will get the right gear under your feet. It all translates to stoked customers that can't get enough of Muir.

"BEST service, GREAT selection (in stock as well, not just pictures!!), KNOWLEDGABLE staff...
I haven't been this stoked on a shop in YEARS"

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Across the board, Muir Skate gets 5-Star reviews from every corner of the world. People from California to New York, Brazil to Australia & beyond have spoken! We actually care about our customers and it shows.

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We aren't just a retailer. We ride & approve everything we sell, testing it at the park & on the hill. Only the best longboard skateboard gear makes it onto our shelves, because if we don't like it, we don't stock it.

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We make it easy for people with all types of skateboarding background. If you're new to skateboarding we make it easy to get the best skateboarding gear for the price. If you're a pro, we make it easy for you to build exactly what you want. The key word is easy.

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Every year we put on sick skateboarding events for the locals to show off their new moves. Skaters from all over Southern California & beyond get to shred it and win cool prizes while listening to local bands.

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We strive to keep our ecological footprint low. We securely pack your skateboard gear with recycled cardboard, use energy efficient lightbulbs & electronics, and ride the Muir Scooter to get around town. Your shipments are cared for, rejected cardboard is loved, and Mamma Earth is happy.